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What You Missed

The skriker

The House of Ithaqua presents Caryl Churchill's "The Skriker" at The Cherry Artspace. In this horror story about modernity, postpartum depression and moral decay, two young mothers Josie (Maya Jones) and Lily (Erin Lockett) are stalked through England by the Skriker (Barbara Geary), a shapeshifting faerie who seeks to bring them to the Underworld, a hellscape populated by withering creatures from traditional British folklore.

Midsummer Nights dream

Join us in Robert H. Treman State Park this summer for some Shakespeare in the park. Let this classic comedy transport you through a magical Forrest and back in one of Ithaca's own surreal getaways.

cherise noire

Fresher than an after-dinner mint, sweeter than dessert, fruitier than your cheese course— la Gala Cerise Noire serves up a tantalizing variety of neo-vaudeville delectables... with a Cherry on top!

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