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My Story

Hello Hello, I’m Maya I’m a Philly based actor seeking work in NYC, Philly, DC. I’m getting my BFA in Acting From Ithaca College. I’m currently unrepresented and underestimated. I’m interested in Theatrical and Film work and looking forward to graduation this coming May. Most recently I’ve been a production associate at The Cherry Artspace in Ithaca, NY learning the ins and outs of running a new non-profit theater.

Off Stage

Outside of the performance vein, I’m passionate about cooking, eating, and talking about FOOD. For me, food is one of the only things that has historically brought people together, the other one being storytelling (aka Theater). I love trying new things and then sharing my experiences with other people. Let me show you some of my favorite creations and dishes. 


Writing has been an outlet of mine since middle school.But after I lost all of my work right before I went to college, my writer's voice basically disappeared. The past four years at a liberal arts institution, helped me gain my sense of self back and highlight what’s important to me and what stories I would like to tell. As a writer I typically gear myself more towards poetry and short stories. My latest project in the works right now is a play in three languages about the women in my family


With my work in theater and throughout my life I strive to provide a voice for others and allow space for marginalized groups. In the future, I hope to make theater more accessible to lower income areas and provide avenues for creativity in places where arts funding isn’t prevalent. I want to allow different types of voices to be represented in the American theater cannon such as voices of women and non-binary people, differently able individuals, People of color, and the voices of young people who we are setting the stage for. How will we make the theater scene a better and more inclusive space for them.

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